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ics to home furnishing materials etc. The biggest challenges for African enterprises doing business with China, particularly those engaged in import and export, include financial constraints, lang

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u▓age barriers and lack of trust. “Local businesses that import goods from China struggle with these things. Chinese companies usually say, ‘put all the money upfront and I will send

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your goods afterwards’. And if they are buying from you they will demand you ship th▓e goods first and when it arrives at a Chinese port then they will pay you. They are worried about fraud

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,” states Lu. &ld▓quo;What many local enterprises are not aware of is that in South Africa, for instance, ▓there are at least 500 Chinese trading companies that sell a variet▓y of goo

ing goods from China &

ds from ceramics to household goods to CCTV cameras to electronics. If a local company doesn’t have the capacity to source directly from China, they could actually work with a Chinese

ndash; from electron

trader company based here.” There are also opportunities to sell to Chinese consumers in China using e-commerce platforms su▓ch as and that have a huge following

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